BirdProject & Matter globehops!

I have been meaning to compile these, but have been focused on starting my new indiegogo campaign for new matter goods! But, finally, here we go. It has been SO cool to see the Birdies posted around the world the past few weeks, thank you all of the globehopper posts! Yesterday, Matter & BirdProject was written about by Akriti Joshi in New Delhi, the loveliest post – ‘Matter: A Unique Agent Of Eco-Intelligence’ Growing up in Germany as a kid, this was really sweet to see BirdProject written about IN GERMAN! ‘Entdeckt: Seifige Vögel vom bird project.‘ Before that the Birdies were noted in Brisbane, Australia by the weekend edition of Map Magazine, ‘Dreamers.’ BirdProject globetrots Also, in Spanish on Discovery Luxe – ‘The Bird Project: Jabones que ayudan a la recuperación del Golfo‘ – Part of Discovery Channel en Español. And in Russian, спасибо!! Дизайн мыла: проект птичка And in Chinese! on Chinese Blog, owpfo: BirdProject 小鸟肥皂 Aaand in Italian in Milano! by pigr, an amazing design shop that carries the birdies. If you know of anymore please send them to me, love to see where the Birdies pop up! xot

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