Try Again.

I couldn't sleep this evening, actually I did hit the hay early and then woke up at 3 am, a head full of thoughts. Nonetheless, I've spent the last 3.5 hours thinking about my business, next products, and the next big steps ahead. I am at a point where I need to expand and grow to the next level. The thoughts rolling through my mind are: should I take a loan, seek impact investment, another Kickstarter campaign, all of the above, getting the next social good products running smoothly, finding the next member for the Board of Directors now that I'm a B-Corp [yay!], who could I hire and wouldn't that be thrilling, along with a multitude of personal things at hand. Sometimes being an entrepreneur is hard... Sometimes being a person is hard and that level of difficulty is unique all around the world. Sometimes things can be overwhelming or too many decisions to resolve. These words rang clear in my mind this morning, 'Try Again.' I find real comfort and inspiration in these words while the beautiful old cathedral in my neighborhood's bells are slowly ringing in through the banana trees and the sun is beginning to rise. In the opportunity to always try again, no matter how difficult the problem. Things rarely resolve perfectly the first time, no matter what the scale of the issue. We must always try something again. A friend posted on facebook the other day 'Bravery is essential for optimism' or something like that.. I like that too. Good night, or good morning, whichever it is for you.  

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