New connections made..

It has been a productive week, most recently, yesterday had two great meetings with: 1. Ceramic Artist - Hao-Peng Liao of Stretching Sky Arts Laboratory, his studio is a community, education based organization and once the molds/process get refined and running smoothly, we will bring in 9th graders to help create the ceramic birds.  Additionally, we will run some workshops to generate and develop student's ideas to help the community/produce. 2. Marketing/PR/Fundraising Genius - Alison Radovanovic, Alison has a background in the arts, business, marketing, fundraising.. you name it she's done it!  She and her husband Rajko developed the Ravnica Centre for Cultural Exchange in Istria, Croatia and are now New Orleans residents, so honored she is excited about this project. I'm thrilled to be working with these two amazing people!  Some current tasks at hand: seeking shops/distribution channels, business plan continues,  kickstarter project finalization, moldmaking, and biodiesel purification for pharmaceutical grade [if you have a local recommendation, please advise, the closest I have found thus far are TN & FLA] Photos from this week: 1.  A delicious salad/laptop lunch - baked tilapia [in olive oil, s&p, oregano, garlic, & capers, apple slivers, greens, tomatoes, and goat cheese [dressing made from leftover olive oil from baking dish, lemon juice, honey, & balsamic vin.]  2. going..going, so hungry and yummmy  3. gone! plate lickin' good  4. a neighborhood in mid-city is being demolished [a WHOLE neighborhood] for a new hospital and health care corridor, one thing being torn down is a german Deutschen Haus, they are having Oktoberfest all month, happened upon their parade  4. Lexie and I went to see and photograph the neighborhood before it's gone, all to be done by Oct. 21, sad sidewalk chalk drawing : [  5. Bulldozers poised for Monday morning [taken on Sunday].  While we were walking around we noticed a lot of strays and are wondering what we could do to help as they won't have a place to go, we rescued a kitten and brought the baby girl to southern animal foundation, the spca here just euthanizes them, any area vets/techs who want to help, Lexie got us in the news.. also I stepped on a big ole rusty nail and had to get a tetanus shot, good for 10 years!  More photos on flickr soon.

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