And we're back!!

Apologies for such a laaarge gap in posts, my trusty computater crashed!!  Thank you time machine & apple for replacing my hard drive, voof. I went to Virginia last week to for moldmaking help from my friend Bob, of GWAR who is a moldmaking maistro, [& to celebrate my birthday while in town] as well as to pull my things out of storage & move them on down to NOLA!  Thank you, thank you to meine liebe mutti who helped me drive down & move in and dearest friends in RVA who helped me pack the truck!  She drove my car & I drove Penske, who I became one with by the end of the trip.. still getting readjusted to car driving. This week, amongst moving in, restoring my computer post hard drive kaputska, meeting w/ TEDxTU planning team, and awesome FEAST meetup at Capdeville, I also worked with Michael Karnjanaprakorn, who generously volunteered his time for a day to work with me on BirdProject while visiting NOLA.  We made a lot of exciting headway and also began work on my Kickstarter project movie!!  Big, BIG thank you's to Michael & to Launchpad who let us work in their wonderful space for the day!! Photos below: 1. Rainbow as walking to sign the lease on my new platz  2. modelmaking fun at chezNN  3. birdie model in situ  4. moldmaking w/ Bob at the GWAR space  5. my dear tito  6. tacos in NOLA upon return!


  • tt dijo:

    danke schüne liebe purl scout!! i have ‘ve get too soon oldt & too late schmart’ in my kitchen window : ] come visit pronto tonto!! xo

    06 agosto 2016

  • Purl Scout dijo:

    here’s to headway & new beginnings!
    the model is so beautiful, tippy. can’t wait to have one sitting next to my own sink.

    06 agosto 2016

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