Austin Renegade, $10,000 donated in 2011, & new Father's Day cards [next Sunday, June 17th]!

We just recently returned from another lovely Renegade Craft Fair! We attended the Austin fair in late May and it was such a wonderful time. Funny so many friends that I met from Virginia, Wisconsin, & NYC now live there. Also, I bumped into a friend from VCU college days that I had no idea lived in Austin, amazing to see you Jen : ) It was great to catch up with them over beers [my new fave is now Lone Star!] & tacos at the incredible food truck spots [yum East Side Kings at the Liberty!] around town as well as a new fave, the Mean Eyed Cat - a Johnny Cash/chainsaw themed bar. Evidently the mean eyed cat used to be a chainsaw dealership/repair & when the new owner took over he kept the chainsaws & added it to his love of Johnny Cash. <3 It was also wonderful to see people again who I met at last year's Austin Renegade, so nice to see you! Thank you for coming to see us again : ) Made some new friends too with our boothmates 'Pie in the Sky' [got some super cool 'fool's gold' earrings!] & next door neighbors 'Hazel village' [awesome & cutie stuffed animals with customizable outfits]. ps - photo below is the most amazing gift ever, handmade by Pie in the Sky at the fair on our last day, can you believe it! A personal treasure, xoxoxoxo. I am always up for a roadtrip so Tonto and I were excited to the hit the road for a few days. On the way we picked up some tasty texan bbq [deemed world's best! it was really good but dang, those are some tall words!] and on the way back home we brought some lonestar along with us. I got a little hooked on it & love their tagline 'Texas' National Beer' too. Can't wait to visit again soon Austin, one of my favorite spots in the world for sure. I love this on the side of Jo's Coffee shop who is super pet friendly, YAY! They have an amazing trellis-ed outdoor space and large group tables. Love how a variety of people were all plugging away on their work while chugging coffee and breakfast tacos. [ One of the fellows working there was really sweet and said I looked like Zoeey Deschanel, flattery will get you everywhere right.] My friend Chris said that a few spots around town have started meme-ing Jo's sign, for example - I like you pretty well or you're alright : ) I didn't get any boots this time but I had to go in and gawk and smell. Oh yes! Before leaving NOLA I met up with my friend Jeremy at Butcher to grab a bite & pick up some goodies for my friends in Austin that I stayed with - thank you Chris & Jason!!!!! While there he noticed Seth Rogen, yep it was him. I went in to buy my friends' hot sauce and koozies & got some eye contact on the way out, I'm not a celebrity chaser, but I am a fan of Seth Rogen's comedy. New Orleans is fast becoming lil' LA - celebrities around all the time, evidently I missed seeing Tom Petty out the other eve while out to dinner : ( another fave. So - next Sunday, don't forget it's FATHER'S DAY! Send your pop a note & tell him you love him! Our Mother's day card was such a hit, we made a version for our Dads too! The design is of two overlapping hearts, forming a flower. At the center of the flower are names for dad, father, pop, padre, etc. from around the world. Hope you enjoy : ) And last but in no way least, since I've been out of posting for a while, this is huge - in 2011, we donated $10,000!!!!!!!! Thank you BirdProject fans, without you none of this would be possible & so excited to make the next donation : ) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend & more VERY soon! - Tippy

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