New Orleans!

What an amazing place, my first trip here and its beauty and character is abundantly overflowing and enticingly tangible.  The international blend of architecture, palm trees, dense/cradling humidity, warm people, music filtering in from every cranny, beautiful details at every glance, and purity in its uniqueness is luring me in! I've met w/ a local university in finding collaborators for the project, signing up for some interns, and looking for more opportunities for support.  I have met locals and local artists, as well as many people in from out of town investigating the oil spill or related pursuits, and gladly people seem to find worth in the different aspects of BirdProject.  Also, I spoke w/ a woman from Audobon society recently who is working with cleaning the birds, she shared a wealth of information in the actual numbers of animals affected, the harmful effects of the disperant [corexit 9527A - ethanol, illegal internationally & more toxic than the oil itself], and wetland erosion. Currently, I am looking for a residency or workspace to get this project moving along.  I feel that it would be most appropriate if it can take place in New Orleans, I still have much to learn and feel that it needs to be of the area.  I am looking for links both here and back home in NYC to get the little birdies into the world.

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