Pitstop in Atlanta!

and visit with my old amiga Ann who is also an industrial designer! What a beautiful southern, spacious, open, home w/a lush yard she has!  Coming down from nyc where space is a treasure,  where one trips in the toilet in order to wash in the shower [except in red hook, the bathrooms seem to be larger there and not the typical mudgy adobe spackled houdini mess that seems to be typical] and where one never knows what to do all of the things that end up around one's home without closets and storage space and just general space in general.. Anyhow I digress, Anne's home is lovely!  I forgot to take a picture of the enormous tree in her backyard which the deck is built around, yay!  It is at least 100 years old and must be at the minimum 5' wide at the base, it was raining...next time.  It was wonderful to see her & meet her new hubbie & enjoy all of her gracious hospitality and lovely charm!  Hit the road in the a.m. & stopped for breakfast in Auburn to take a peek, it reminded me a bit of UVA / Cville, but i only was there for like 45 mins.  I still want to visit the rural studio - must go back!! Photos in order:  1. The phunny thing about this photo is that one of these clouds looked exactly like a massive bear's head growling in the sky when i saw it..  2. Truck entertainment - "Sleep with us Tonight, Highpoint Bedding" I miss those old fashioned slogans!  3. Georgia peach!  4. Massive rainstorms struck as soon as i hit Mobile and starting heading west on I-10, the south side was blackish snarling grey and the north side was sunny & cheery  5. Raindrops on moving transport is always pretty  6. over Lake Pontchartrain!!  7. First sighting of new orleans!

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