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Do Photo, Do Books
Do Photo, Do Books
Do Photo, Do Books
Do Photo, Do Books Do Photo, Do Books

Do Photo, Do Books

$14.95 USD

Do Photo - Observe. Compose. Capture. Stand out. Andrew Paynter

'In a world where everyone is a photographer now, how do you stand out? The answer can be found in this simple but profound book. It will train your eye to see what others don't.' — David Hieatt

This isn’t a book about how to take the best pictures. It’s not even about the technical aspects of photography or how to ‘make it’ as a photographer. In fact, it argues that you should take fewer photographs.

By sharing 10 practices honed over a lifetime spent behind the lens working with clients such as Adidas, Levi Strauss, and Apple, photographer Andrew Paynter encourages you to develop a more considered approach to photography so that you craft pictures with care.

Do Photo teaches novice, intermediate and advanced photographers — and everyone in between — how to use their cameras to really connect with subjects, create memorable and more impactful photographs, and to enjoy the process along the way. And guess what? It all starts before you even pick up the camera. 

Preface by artist Geoff McFetridge.

Paperback purchase includes a free ebook download. 


  • 10 practices to more considered photography
  • Read advice from a photographer who has spent his whole career behind the lens. Andrew Paynter's clients include Addidas, Apple and Levi's.
  • Full of colour and black and white photography taken by the author