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Do Wild Baking, Do Books
Do Wild Baking, Do Books
Do Wild Baking, Do Books
Do Wild Baking, Do Books Do Wild Baking, Do Books

Do Wild Baking, Do Books

$16.95 USD

Do Wild Baking - Food, fire and good times Tom Herbert

'Staying in the house breeds a sort of insanity, always'  Henry David Thoreau

Cooking outdoors can be a challenge – building your own fire for starters – but the rewards are great: a hearty stew eaten under a starlit sky; grilled mackerel on the beach; ash-baked flatbreads plucked from the glowing embers, torn and shared.

Tom Herbert, a fifth-generation baker and true advocate for this way of life, makes it easy. Armed with your hero ingredients, essential kit, and some kindling, you’ll be inspired to leave the kitchen for an outdoor adventure – even if it’s mere miles from home.

In Do Wild Baking over 50 delicious recipes – from Beer Bread to Hot Smoked Salmon – are grouped by location: Beach, Mountain, River and Forest. And if rain prevails, most can be recreated at home.

This is a call for a more relaxed, inclusive style of cooking and baking. It’s not just about delicious meals shared, but the conversations ignited, the senses reawakened, and above all, the memories created.

This paperback purchase includes a free ebook download. 


  • Tom is a fifth-generation baker, bestselling author and TV chef
  • Stunning colour photography by Jody Daunton
  • Faff-free ingredients, measurements and kit
  • In the event of rain, recipes can be made at home!