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Misfits - Women Tote
Misfits - Women Tote
Misfits - Women Tote
Misfits - Women Tote Misfits - Women Tote

Misfits - Women Tote

$6.00 USD $24.00 USD

Sometimes during the handmade process, misfits occur. These are slight imperfections and offered to you at up to 80% off!

This bb got in a bit of an ink pool so the first word is thick. Zipper tote!


Women: Build, Create, Lead, Rise, Inspire, & Empower

Really feeling how awesome women are extra these days. 

10% of proceeds are donated to She Should Run, a group that helps women to run for political office. Did you know that when women run for office, they win at the same rate that men do? Just not enough women actually run.

Our super sturdy, 100% recycled cotton canvas tote is made in the U.S. & hand screenprinted in New Orleans with eco-inks & has a zipper at the top to keep your goods inside! 

Long-lived and reusable, our tote is sturdy and size-able for your many uses (but not too big): holds books, groceries, etc., is also a good size for an everyday, around town bag. The dimensions of our 100% cotton tote is 20" W x 15" H x 5" Depth.

+ Wash instructions: wash in cold water, dry flat