Happy Holidays!

I don't know about you, but I live in a small apartment and this year I'm excited about the idea of using evergreen branches to make a small 'tree'. In the past few years, I've typically bought a small cypress or rosemary tree, but they haven't survived the winter inside until I could plant them outside.

I browsed them again this year but didn't want to be a tree killer once again, so was thrilled when I found some evergreen branches at Whole Foods for a few dollars. I considered taking a little road trip to the forest to clip my own, but as this is my busiest time of year, decided to go ahead and purchase them for a few bucks.

They smell heavenly in my home and I think they look really pretty decorated with my fave family ornaments! So, if you're looking for an eco & budget-friendly way to bring the holiday spirit into your home, pick up some evergreen branches from your local greenhouse, florist, or grocer. Or, if you have a tree in your yard that you can clip a few branches from, even better!

Also, interestingly btw, this is where the Pagan tradition and origin of Christmas trees stemmed from (no pun intended). Historically, people would trim branches and bring them into their homes during the winter solstice to invoke a little Spring.

Update! This is my second year decorating with Christmas boughs, I love it : )

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