For the love of Books: 'REWORK' & 'Eco Barons'

I hope that you are having a wonderful memorial day weekend and may have some time off too. This weekend I'm getting some impromptu reading and some needed rest in. Yesterday, I finally made it to my neighborhood library branch, unfortunately I have missed their open hours thus far (doi, go on a saturday!). It is pleasant and quiet, also small and manageable. (The closest branch to me in my last neighborhood was the main branch which although a beautiful building feels a little unloved and a little hectic to get to, so I really only visited here & there.) Anyhow, now I am delighted to know I have such a pleasant library now only a few blocks away. As I was finishing up with my checkout at my newfound branch, I noticed an empty comments box with one piece of paper and eager pencils. I thought I would leave a little thank you for the kind folks, hoping a friendly surprise will bring a smile or a pat on the back later. image-1 I bumped into 'REWORK' on the shelves by the folks of 37 signals, Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. I've had this on my reading list for several months now and devoured half of it yesterday. *Please note my doggie sticking his tongue out in the background, so silly. So far, it's wonderful and based in recognizing self-defeating thoughts or reasons that may keep you in a holding pattern and I highly recommend it to anyone with an idea that you care about pursuing. It also highly stresses not following the norm (or being a crazy maniac workaholic), creating and fulfiling your own norm is actually the crucial part to your own success. imageWhile browsing my personal favorite, the non-fiction section, I also noticed 'Eco Barons' by Edward Humes which I haven't been able to put down since. Only now, taking a break now since picking up post-dog walk this morning. My takeaway at this point (p. 83) is that individuals have the power to create great benefit, so believe it and pursue it. And you don't have to be rich to do so, but similarly, you have to be inspired by your own methods. Don't wait for the prince/princess on the horse, that prince or princess is you. image-2 Both of these are fuel and distillers for an idea that I'm detailing as of the past few weeks. As the next week rolls around after the holiday.. What would you, how can you start? On this memorial day weekend, I am grateful to those that have fought battles of all kinds, for those that are now, and those that will in the future.. while simultaneously hoping that one day there will be less fighting. -Back to the books, Tippy

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