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Product Pricing Worksheet
Product Pricing Worksheet
Product Pricing Worksheet
Product Pricing Worksheet Product Pricing Worksheet

Product Pricing Worksheet

$15.00 USD

Ah, the mystery of how to price your products. This is something that took me a while to feel confident in. Well, I made it easier by creating a worksheet to help take a lot of the guesswork out of the process.

This awesome worksheet totals how much it costs you to make each product. Enter the materials you use, the amount of time you spend, or pay someone else to make it. The sheet creates a recommended retail and wholesale price for you. From there, it also calculates the transaction fees that you will spend to sell online and then lets you know what your final profit will be, both in a direct sale and wholesale.

You can also use this as a decision making tool. Are you considering two different types of packaging or two different materials? Compare them side by side, seeing clearly how much each will cost and what you can retail them for is a massive help in deciding which route to take.

Check out the sneak peek image of this awesome creative business tool & happy excel-worksheet-ing, it is possible for creatives to use excel well! At $15, these are so affordable and you will def save time and money since I already did the legwork for you!

**PS - If you are interested in our Sales Tracking & Pricing Toolkit, this worksheet is already included there, so need to purchase again. Cheers!

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In the past seven years, growing my business, Goods that Matter, I have expanded my business skills as well as my creative skills. I have also greatly improved my business management and projection tools. As a designer with a creative background, I didn't have any experience using Excel. Over the years, Excel and I have become better friends & I have finessed these worksheets to do the hmath for me. They are awesome tools, I'm SO excited to share them with you & offer them at budget friendly prices!