An online bottle to the sea, Dear Universe..

bottle of taaka to the sea haha Dear Universe, Please help me to find this wonderful person or people to be a part of Matter. Her or his qualities: Please be a unique, inspiring, and intelligent individual who has skills different than mine while also having a heart and making decisions with that heart (not solely focused on large growth and profit). Skills and attributes such as being a financial maistro, an equity partner, and well connected to help Matter wisely & sustainably grow. Also, this person would be passionate about Matter’s mission to significantly create positive impact for our world’s most pressing problems and dedicated to triple bottom line business - Business for good. I would also love to find a unique, lovely, and whip-smart person to thoughtfully and skillfully run Matter along in the day to day of the business. Most often this would include: Replying to emails, shipping orders, ordering and researching materials, and managing the books, all with care and thoughtfulness to details pretty please. These two people would create such significant positive change for Matter and would also allow me to do what I do best most frequently, the creative thinking, research, and concept development. This would also allow me to be able to grow the consulting side of Matter, which would be a wonderful thing. I'd love for us to all to feel inspired, gratified, and enjoy working on Matter Projects. Thank you for your help dear universe, I’m grateful for all that you have shared with me thus far, and I appreciate you. With all my best and biggest thanks, Tippy Tippens, Chief Eternal Optimist, Matter Inc.    

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