Education MATTERS: Rabbits for Reading

Education MATTERS: for this new product for Social Change I am working with Cécile Thalmann and Adel Kassem, friends and designers based in Milano. Recognizing the importance of children's education, upon seeing Cécile and Adel's beautiful rabbit concept, I had the idea of connecting it with the important need for raising the literacy rate in New Orleans, and thought this lovely bunny could help inspire children to read and fall in love with reading. We have been working together the past few weeks via skype and are excited to bring the Rabbkins to you! Fusing fun and reading, Rabbits for Reading is a napkin which folds into a Rabbit Puppet, a Rabbkin! Supporting the love of reading and donating 20% of profits to STAIR, a New Orleans tutoring group helping elementary school students succeed. Cécile's grandmother used to play with her using this napkin rabbit trick and Cécile has been sharing it with others ever since! It's such a delightful magic trick! The transformation of the napkin into the puppet helps spark a child's imagination and also becomes their reading buddy, wandering through books and lands of imagination. Currently on IndieGoGo, please back us here!

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