Last day to ship Dec. 18, 20% off with code 'GIVESTOMANY'

Feeling like Santa these days, it's exciting to see all of the places that Matter Goods are going! Have recently sent packages to New Zealand, Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, New Jersey, Florida, throughout Louisiana and beyond. It's also a thrill to see new goods mixed in, so glad that our notebooks and totes are ready (Swaddling blankets and rabbits are soon to follow)! It will be really exciting to make donations to our new and current partners after the holidays! I'm looking forward to spending the holidays relaxing with dear ones and I wish all the best to you and yours. On a sidenote, I'm thinking about adding a 'no smokestack' logo to our packaging in the new year. I like thinking about that.. picturing all of the people that make our notebooks, totes, and birdies, in their lovely studios & workshops without any smokestacks puffing away. Must get back to it, but I hope that you and yours enjoy your time together & thank you so much for your support of Matter! If you're still looking for gifts we have 3 days left to ship to arrive in time & 20% off with discount code 'GIVESTOMANY'. Happy Holidays & New Year from New Orleans! shippping fun

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