Matter's Process:

IMG_20120412_102834 In developing Matter's pitch & presentation for the Big Idea event this Friday (come on out to support Matter!!), recommendations from a pitch coach included writing down Matter's process for product development and business. Please find this below, it was an enjoyable task : ) 1. Identify social need. -       Must be relevant both locally and globally. This ensures the product is pertinent in more than one place and helps to solve shared issues, creating larger impact.  In requiring this, we expand our addressable market and brand reach. -       Must be relevant to many people in scale, a BIG problem. 2. Find the poetic connection in the solution. This creates an enduring and substantive emotional connection between a person and a product. Spend the time here - don’t rush it and don’t do anything close to anyone else’s products. Research, model, play, try & try again, test it with people, repeat if needed. Choose the sustainable technologies, materials, and collaborations that combine to create the most meaningful solution that clicks and makes real sense for the social need, product, and group. 3. Use only sustainable methods to create this solution. 4. Carry sustainability and ethics through ALL parts of the product. EXP: Work with local suppliers and manufacturers, use green materials, pay fair wages. Treat people well in business as you would treat people in your personal life. Matter embraces and holds this as inherent to and equally important as the actual product. 5. Be open in your process: blog, facebook, twitter The path of each product is shared in goals, data, and processes as it progresses. 6. Enjoy the work. Collaborate, create and enrich community, and grow. 7. Partner with correlating, well researched group to donate % of net profits to & raise awareness, understanding, & exposure for the cause. 8. Create win-win-win collaborations, work hard, enjoy life, & sleep well. Triple bottom line is where it’s at. 9. Communicate personally with customers, treat people as you like to be treated. Create and build relationships with those who support Matter and its causes. 10. Spread the love of your work/products & share your news & learnings openly.

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