My first Matter consulting meeting A+++

Yesterday I had my first consulting meeting over the telephone with Leslie Kingery in Denver, CO, I had offered this as a reward on Matter's recent  Indiegogo campaign. This morning I woke up to the loveliest email, here is a quote: " My day & my business totally turned around by this call with you! " Leslie is in her startup phase for a new, social good/tech business & had questions about Benefit Corporations, business name ideas, & some overarching strategy ideas about her business. We had an inspiring talk for over an hour and I also gave her my backpocket hotel to stay in NYC when in a pinch (her day turnaround). I'm so excited about Leslie's Awesome new venture & to see it become real. I'll keep you posted when it launches & happy Thursday!


  • tt ha detto:

    Thank you so much & I’m so glad Leslie! It was my pleasure to talk with you about your great idea & so look forward to seeing it progress.

    06 agosto 2016

  • leslie kingery ha detto:

    The hotel suggestion wasn’t the only “day turnaround”, the whole call was! Tippy had brilliant suggestions and insights on my new venture.

    06 agosto 2016

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