Pretty please with praline bacon & icecream on top!

Dear Matter & BirdProject fans, please help us by following us on crowdfunder by midnight, we are currently at 99 & need to be at 150! Here’s how & it is really so fast, like 30 seconds:

1. Click here:

2. Hit the orange “Follow Company” button in the upper right corner

3. A popup will appear asking you to log in or create you profile.

4. The fastest way is to use your LinkedIn or Facebook account. Et voila, that is it!!

5. If you don’t mind – Once your profile is created, click Account at the top right, and then click My Companies’

6. Double check that ‘Matter Inc’ is listed under Companies I Follow

8. If not, visit again and click “Follow” in the upper right hand corner.   matter to crowdimpact

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