Another oil rig explosion & Hurricane Earl barreling towards the East Coast..

My jaw dropped four stories this morning at the internet/coffee house when I read that there was another oil rig explosion, but that just showed that I'm not from around here.  Just as New Yorkers are used to suspicious packages and vehicles, a native New Orleanian or Gulf Coaster is not surprised by another explosion or spill.  As said by a few locals today it's not IF it's WHEN, see the map here on Mother Jones' site showing all of the oil rigs in the area.  [looks like so many ticks on a thin dog to me] Also, I am hoping that Hurricane Earl doesn't sideswipe the East Coast and the dear Outer Banks, it's such a thin strip of land and already eroding away so quickly.  So, here's to the hopes that there wasn't another massive oil spill today and that Earl is a gentleman. UPDATE: Yay!  Earl mellowed and the oil rig explosion does not appear to be another oil-spill disaster.  I sat next to a man today at lunch who has worked on oil-drilling rig's for thirty years, he said that it was a painting crew on the rig which caused the explosion/fire..?  He laughed when I told him I was shocked at how many oil drilling rigs there were in the gulf, he snorted actually & said bet they were hard to count! and then grumbled about how environmentalists didn't let them knock over the old oil rig towers to create coral reefs any longer.. Consistently interesting how very different perspectives can be depending on your involvement.  I am still struck by everyone using the same area for such different uses.. fishing/oil/refuge, it is possible for it to be harmonic.. fishing/green energy/refuge.

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