Kickstarter Backers' Items Shipped!

Wow! What a trip to the P.O.!  I originally tried to set up a pick up, as it was 60 packages!  Since this was taking too long to arrange I went ahead and took them over in my beetle/pickup truck/sleigh - I did feel a liitle bit like Santa : ]  FYI - if you need to ship A LOT of packages, the post office will let you borrow a cart, thank goodness - it took a good 15 trips or so from workroom to car.. haha, I was imagining how I would do this in a Brooklyn post office.. fighting the line, not so happy post office worker at the window, putting a package in one at a time through the bulletproof glass window opening, the line building behind me, haha - it would have been a little trickier. Here in NOLA, it went much easier, I went in, listened to the chat in front of me while in line to ask if a cart was available, the woman behind the counter very generously got me a cart to borrow, I rolled it - loudly, the singing wheels and hollow plastic body echoing through the halls of the p.o. and the courtyard parking lot, causing everyone to look and see what was this woman doing with this big, orange cart? why does she have so many packages? why is she so loud? Haha, luckily I am not that easily embarrassed nor mind if people goggle : ] Two lovely ladies divided the work and we got it done really pretty quickly!  I am so excited to see pics/hear word of the birds' new nests and am thrilled to have gotten the generous backers on kickstarter their backing rewards.  I was interviewed this week for an article on kickstarter locally and the reporter asked me what I would have done if Kickstarter didn't exist.. I thought, great question! & am I really thankful for it being there.  The whole thing was a great learning experience and an exciting and truly fun way to raise money for your project.  It makes it really personal and rewarding and it's also really hard to imagine it not being there.  I guess that's part of an excellent idea or object if it fills a void so well with its validity.  So, thank you kickstarter backers and thank you kickstarter!! As you receive your birds, please share photos of them in their new nests if you don't mind.  I've really enjoyed seeing the photos and stories shared thus far! a whole she-bang ready to fly out the door! the stack builds!! birdcoach!


  • Wayne D. Chang ha detto:

    Hell Tippy,

    If y’all were still in Brooklyn, Dawn and I would have rushed down to help with everything we could do. You’re doing a magnificent thing for the Gulf, and how can we NOT want to lend a hand? Bravo, sweetie.



    06 agosto 2016

  • purl scout ha detto:

    that last photo is hysterical! santy claus has nothing on you!

    06 agosto 2016

  • tt ha detto:

    Aw, thank you to you both Wayne, too kind! Much appreciated : ] Cheers! tippy

    06 agosto 2016

  • tt ha detto:

    haha! santabird!

    06 agosto 2016

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