NYC to NOLA route

After making the drive, i was curious how many total miles i put in = 1,343 I wanted to drive down for a couple of reasons, a wedding to attend, dear friends to visit along the way, and to see what all was in between NYC & NOLA.  Unfortunately since I'm not independently wealthy, having limited time as well as feeling an urgency to get here - I couldn't take the scenic routes to truly see what all is in between.  I did see a lot of trucks and cars [mostly new, a few beautiful classics], 5 mobile homes moving "wide load", some poor armadillos taken out on the highways, a chicken truck.. [I hate to see those, especially after living across from the slaughterhouse in greenpoint] but really the highways don't change that much as far as the scenery goes. : [ But you can see the differences, even the highway landscape shifts a little, different kinds of trees, varying lush-ness, & Spanish moss when you hit Alabama!  The pace gets slower south of Richmond, VA, less hectic.  Ouchy - Charlotte, NC is inconsiderate on the eyes to drive through, and South Carolina is not much better [sorry peeps!]  You start seeing lots of jesus is lord signs and neon crosses in the Carolinas.  Oh yeah and bbq!  Bbq, biscuits, and boobies [hooters] Atlanta has a surplus of Persian rugs on the east side of town that someone wants to sell like hotcakes.  In NJ i left the massive refineries and smokestacks and as soon as I hit the Gulf area they reappeared. It's a lovely thing to leave one coast and look at the other on the map, wonder what it will be like, and then drive on the road which you had been trying to envision!  And the solitary time traveling whether in the car or on the train is kind of unbeatable for thinking.

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