Organizing, streamlining, learning..

I'm learning, testing methods to streamline my processes in the ceramics dept. to get these birdies flying through the making process a little more quickly.  Learning about glazes - some for dipping, some for brushing [most commercial glazes for brushing, but i really need to start dipping these, brushing is pretty time intensive!] It's funny that ceramics has always surrounded me, but I've never really done it before.. Pratt has a strong history of slipcasting and porcelainware, Kohler as well - slipcasting ceramics for lavs, toilets, the arts & industry program there, friends have been ceramicists.. now that I'm making the birdies, I no longer have those resources around me!  But as I was talking with my friends Ezra and Salena who were visiting the past couple of days [YAY!!], I think it's actually good for striking out in something new to not know anyone - then you really just have to call everyone and can't have that excuse voice in your head telling you can't do something yet because you're waiting on that return telephone call from your friend who knows so and so... Also still trying to figure if I should switch to slipcasting from the press molds, I met with a fellow from Tulane's ceramics dept. the other day, he helped fill me in on the pros and cons of the different methods.. and glaze types and natural glazes.. he didn't have recommendations for local resources though in the slipcasting dept.  Wondering if I should contact my alma maters.. a glazed flock, ready to bake eventually i will need to get a stamp to make an impression while wet clay instead of hand signing/numbering each one.. i think they look so lovely in a group : ] my sweets guarding the birdies!  the place i'm firing is on the way to emily's so i stopped at audubon park w/ T to number and sign the birds, was a beautiful morning! the spanish moss in the live oaks is so dreamy.. i treated myself to a lunch out, stopped by st. james cheese company to pick up a lil' somethin' somethin' for my friends taking care of T while I'm in DC for gandhiwarmer and decided to splurge and get a grilled gruyere w/ caramelized onions! so YUM! tasted like french onion soup on bread, mmmm - if in nola - GO! it's on Prytania

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