Steps onward..

So very much has happened since I've been here in New Orleans!  I have found an amazing local soapmaker and a fantastic biodiesel manufacturer! Soapmaker: Emily of Sweet Olive Soaps, a third generation soapmaker of NOLA and member of the local craft mafia, she is an expert in soapmaking techniques and also capable of small and large scale production.  I love her handmade approach, beautiful products, and database-like knowledge of natural ingredients.  She also has a lovely garden & chickens behind her studio! Biodiesel Manufacturer: Operation Reach, a community based non-profit focused on providing learning opportunities which is manufacturing biodiesel of fryer oil from local NOLA restaurants.  When I found Operation Reach on Pepsi Refresh [grant to fund teaching teenagers green energy manufacturing] I thought that they would be a wonderful fit for their focus on community building and am so glad to be involved with such a great organization. I am thrilled that both parties are interested in BirdProject and so excited about working with them!  Photo below is from a tour of Operation Reach's biodiesel production facilities by the über informative Daniel! Additional exciting developments: helping to plan Tulane's TEDxTu happening in November, Kickstarter approved my project submittal, and having spotted & submitted to Michael Karnjanaprakorn's post of an offer to give back, he has offered his time and expertise at the end of September to help BirdProject/NOLASOAP!  New Orleans is unceasingly amazing me, thank you for finding value in this idea!

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