Tsunami, Bird Project at The Front, & Mardi Gras

Saturday evening the Birdies were part of an opening at The Front! The show is up through mid April so stop on by if you can. It was a lovely evening and great to get out and see people, seems I've been in birdland a lot lately! I've also started a new BirdBuilder materials sponsorship on the website and received the great news of a sponsorship which will build a lot of new nests [boxes & packaging] for this next flock of 1000! What an amazing help-thank you anonymous for now BirdBuilder!! I will create a sponsors page on the site and am open to your suggestions on rewards for sponsors, please let me know what you think! Last week was Mardi Gras, which was my first experience with it, I actually took the day off on Mardi Gras day and wandered around the Marigny, totally loved it. It was a delightful mix of skeletons on bikes with a rubber chicken, a QTip queen, monkeys on banana bicycles, and pirates shooting beads from cannons. I know now how to be ready for next year and enjoy! After weeks of parades on St. Charles I grew really accustomed to the rumble of coolers and shoulders-full of beads clickety clacking by. It proved really interesting and I think gave testimony to skills learned while living in NYC, to be able to focus and work amidst the most hardcore revelry I've seen. There were crawfish boils next door, one of the biggest parties I've ever heard - I felt like it was in my house! But I was able to keep on plugging away, haha, felt pretty ridiculous at times. Next year I'll be ready, I'm already planning my cloud/medusa snake head costume : ] After a few days of quiet in the neighborhood, St. Patty's day parade appeared on Saturday morning, but I was already used to feeling like a part of the parades whilst working steadily in my workroom! I did play some Dick Dale as a force field of focus to combat the Lynard Skynard, top o' the mornin' to yas, and MC Hammer building pretty high volumes at 10 am. The recent press in Huffington Post, MTV Act Blog, and burdr has brought some more interest for the birdies, last week I sent several orders to New Zealand and Australia! One member of this southern hemisphere flock will be part of an auction to help Christchurch quake victims, which I'm honored for, I'll post more info as that comes along. I'm finding it difficult to focus on anything other than making birds since Friday with the huge earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan. They are truly soothing to make and allows your mind to wander in a healing trail of thoughts. So many killed, danger of nuclear explosions, Japan's coast shifting 8', the earth's axis altered, cities that now look disturbingly like gutters, scale and normal relationships between objects shifted by the strength of water, and so many survivors in great need. I have far too many tabs and windows open on my poor overworked computer, most of them on the earthquake and tsunami. Reading stories of the survivors in smaller towns, many elderly and the realities of their needs slowing down the expected rescue process. It seems that in emergency city planning they rely on the best case scenario instead of the worst case scenario. I wasn't here for Katrina, but have read and listened to many people's accounts of how the realities of people's needs vary so much from what is planned for. Will it take Japan five and counting years to recover? If you are looking for places to contribute for disaster-relief efforts in Japan, I do have a couple recommendations: Architecture for humanity for rebuilding, a list on GOOD magazine, and a local effort via a poster design contest to build support for relief, http://tsunamiofsupport.org/. Thank you to those that are responding to the intense need for help in Japan, I have you in my thoughts and am sending positive vibes of strength and hope. ps - If you're in the mood for a happy ending, last night I watched a great movie while making birds - Desk Set, for me it's up there with 'It Happened One Night' and it's on Netflix watch instant. Birdies at The Front Spring it is-a-springin! Today's breezes smell like green tea & hibiscus! Brown box of bisqued birds bask and await glazing to bake again : ] Mardi gras in the marigny : ] i love his heartfelt expression, this is after some religious hate group stormed through the FQ. St. Charles after, this was Saturday morning - so pre - actual Mardi Gras! Watchoo talkin' about Willis? This is a new 'game' at the deli, or rather 'who dat' mart down the street - isn't this riciculous? I went in yesterday & was kind of blown away by the blatant lure and non-win-win situation.

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