14 days in to our new year of 2014.

This was a special holiday, my family, gentleman friend, beloved furry friend Tonto, & I traveled to Key West. We roadtripped down and back from New Orleans, checking out Florida's west coast along the way. Having never visited the Keys, the Everglades, much less Florida below the panhandle area, it was exciting to explore and make the trek down to the southernmost point of the U.S. I even discovered a fellow Tippy in the middle of the everglades! Pic below, his name was Elvis Tippy, founder of this shop & restaurant and also chief of the local Indian tribe, unfortunately he has passed along. Hemingway, alligators, and swamp boats beckoned and biking the island, taking in the sea, and hanging in salty dive bars was a true treat and am SO grateful to have spent a great time w/ my dear ones in such a relaxing, beautiful place. tippy in the everlades 2013 was a challenging one and I am all the more determined to create a timeline for this year (and stick to it!!) allowing for lots of 'X-factor' time to meet/get well ahead of important deadlines throughout the year & creating new products at smart times. (Noticed these cool calendars on design milk, ordering a BIG one today for the studio!) For the new year I'm also determined to take better care of myself, exercising more, more vino than beer, writing more, & allowing myself to take more regular breaks/relaxation. Part of this too is also allowing/creating more quiet, creative thinking time - and drawing. I really miss drawing & want to promise myself to let my creative mind wander, pen in hand more often. I've started protecting my morning time, when my creativity is at its best & leaving the nuts and bolts for later in the day. Having enough money to do new projects is also a constant challenge, as part of  my plan for the year I also want to tackle finding grants and indiegogo campaigns (earlier in the year) as part of my schedule and not an add on for evenings and weekends. All in all, I'm grateful and excited for the year ahead. To begin, I'll be working more on three new topics which the three interns via Tulane's service learning - Sally, Taylor, & Elizabeth - made some great discoveries last semester on the following: Water, Bees, & Gun Violence. I should get back to it, I hope that your year is starting off happily & wishing you all the best, cheers from NOLA!


  • tt said:

    Thank you so much Adrienne, I appreciate it! Yes, I completely loved visiting the Keys, seems like a sister city to New Orleans too. Best wishes to you & look forward to seeing you soon I hope. And I look forward to seeing more of your creative work & writing! Thanks again for the encouragement. Cheers to an awesome new year!

    8月 06, 2016

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