$18,000 donated to date and counting!

Yes, it is true - the little birdies that could, can, & will have now donated $18,000 to Gulf Restoration Network & International Bird Rescue - THANK YOU BirdProject Supporters for all that you do! We are ever so grateful, it's so exciting to see all of the places that the Birds fly. Also massive, gigantic thank you's to the amazing Emily Manger Davis of Sweet Olive Soap works & Brooke Cassady, incredible artist and ceramic birdie maker, it's such a pleasure to work with two such wonderful women to bring you the BirdSoaps. 2013 brings exciting things for Matter, we are excited to launch 5 new products this year as well another larger project in the works... more on these soon.. we are also seeking impact investment to bring this larger project to life with our recent status of Benefit Corporation. The best thing is to me that as Matter grows, the amount of our donations and new partners grow concurrently & that truly makes me happy to begin working each day. I look forward to sharing more as these things progress : ) In other news in NOLA, Propeller has just opened it's new incubator space! More here in the Times-Picayune (Matter was also interviewed, with big praise and admiration for Propeller). Also, it's almost Mardi Gras time! As a small thanks for that & your amazing support, a few of our items are at 50% off in the Matter Shop - please check them out here & I hope that your new year is starting off splendidly! More soon & xo! BirdProject_feature6

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