7 days left on Kickstarter & week in reflection

Wow!  So honored at the wonderful response on Kickstarter.  With 7 days left we are a few hundred dollars away from funding our initial run start up costs, how wünderbar!! [And now can we make it to 7 in 7 for the perfect & locally produced boxes?]  Thank you for your generous support as well as your enthusiasm for the project backers, it is so very appreciated!! This week I was forced to slow down a bit in getting a cold that just would not go away and instead got worse.  Having this time to rest a little, have been going pretty full steam round the clock for the past few months + moved, allowed me to appreciate how much has been accomplished in a relatively short time.  I am so grateful for everyone's help through the whole process.  From friends in RVA helping me pack my moving truck, thank you Nikki, Mary Lou, Neil, and Adri!  To my mom helping me move my things to New Orleans with about a week's notice and supporting my risk taking decision.. thank you Mom for not critiquing this [as i think many would!] and instead sending me inspirational articles from the times related to starting a new business in this era. : ] And thank you to all the people I've met along the way and in New Orleans.  The people I've met are incredible and I'm so happy to be working with them all!  Alison my business partner in MATTER, Emily of Sweet Olive Soap Works, Operation Reach, Social Entrepreneurship students and faculty at Tulane, Lexie at Audubon, wonderful people at Launchpad, Michael Karnjanaprakorn who volunteered his time for a day, John Oles of ceramics dept. at Tulane, Heather at Byrdies, and excited for making new connections as they come.  I don't mean to make this a thank you speech, but having the time to ponder a little bit this week while sick, ha! I have considered how much has happened in a pretty condensed amount of time. Ps- Exciting things in the works for next products from MATTER.. more coming soon! : ]  Off to meet Alison for a fun working/planning meeting! Here's some pics from this week: Waiting for ceramacist on a rainy afternoon, I had a strong coffee and a cupcake, yum.  Cake café in the Marigny, sooo tasty.  Also, they don't have internet - at first slightly annoyed that I couldn't work, after a few minutes.. I welcomed the space and noticed how everyone in the café was actually talking to each other or if solo reading books, not obsessively checking in online as is par for the course in most places these days.  Aaaah, thank you cake. November in nola, the flowers are blooming! Press molds by John Oles, faster than slipcasting in that there's less cleanup after the pressing & bases more consistent Ceramic bird sizing tests, the ceramic birds shrink about 12% so these rough bird shapes were marked with their original heights and fired to give me a visual guage of that shrinkage, thank you Heather at Byrdie's [coffeeshop & ceramic studio in st. claude] yes, i did have TWO cupcakes this week, this one w/ my friend Bob while he was in town at Butcher! Yesterday evening I hosted a potluck dinner for Tulane's Net Impact group, about 18 Social Entrepreneurship students came over yesterday, bringing along a delicious & diverse smörgasbord with them!  We had homemade egg rolls, indian delights- what was that dessert called Tasneem?, fried rice, 2 kinds of mac n cheese, mashed potaters, roast chicken, spicy rice, apple & cheese plate, cookies...anyhow, it was all delicious and they were a real delight to have over.  Also have a couple of ladies interested in interning next semester for MATTER! thank you ladies : ] & I look forward to the next one.

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