AMAZING! Birdies target goal funded in FIVE days on Kickstarter!!

I am elated and thrilled and tickled and EXCITED to have met this goal so quickly!!  Thank you wonderful backers for your generosity and wonderful energy.  So happy to have received such a wonderful response for the BirdProject!  This speedy goal reaching is great to have time to raise further funds, the $2500 goal is half of the initial run cost, I decided to set the goal at half since is an all or nothing sort of deal on Kickstarter. THANK YOU BACKERS!!! Can't wait to send you your birdies + other goodies : ] Can I tell you how much I love Kickstarter?  I have been following their site for the past year & have seen so many amazing projects such as: Harald Geisler's 2011 Typography Calendar, Pinch - cool salt and pepper set, 26 hours left on that one!, the beautiful ice houses of Detroit by Gregory Holm and Matthew Radune, my intro to KS - Coming & Crying, and recently funded Pimento Cheese Please documentary on this Southern Delight by Nicole Lang and Christophile Konstas.  Kickstarter is the NEA grant of our era - thank you brilliant starters of Kickstarters! Below are some pics of recent ceramic moldmaking process + a delicious breakfast with my friend Chris who was travelling through at my favorite breakfast [i love it!] joint in the WORLD - Elizabeth's in the Bywater!  Fried green tomatoes, taters, coffee, perfectly poached eggs, & a tasty biscuit.

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