Progress updates..

Well, well, I write to you from my new home in New Orleans, yes, that's right, in a matter of a few weeks, I decided to move to NOLA, it became apparent that I needed to be here in order to accomplish this project so in the past couple of weeks I found a great place & moved things out of storage.  AAAnnnd, yes I did fall for the area too : ]  So here's a studio shot, thank you to the inspiring group of Tulane students of Net Impact for the yummy CUPCAKE!  [I have been craving cupcakes for weeks now?] Thank you so to my dear mama, who helped me move down & in last week!  She drove my car and I drove the Penske, we were a couple of troopers!  Arrived to New Orleans last monday morning about 10am, sat on the porch for a few minutes [we had just driven 200 miles] and then began to unload the truck.  I think we were pretty darn badass.  Unloaded the truck I guess until 5.30/6, swat [what is the past tense of sweat? sweated?] lake ponchartrain amounts, and then strolled down the block to revive w/ a few buckets of margaritas and tacos.  Anyhoo, we had fun too amongst the unpacking/settling in and had a great dinner w/ Val & Dave from rva and the lovely Arwen before heading to the airport at 4.30 am on sunday morning.  Thank you mom!! Great blogpost on Emily Manger Davis, the lovely & über talented soapmaker I am lucky to be working with! Link to post here I am still seeking a ceramic artist and a glycerin distiller.  More on that soon.  Ordered a new batch of silicon mold making supplies, dragonskin 20 from the compleat sculptor [they are so great, thank you wonderful tech info dept!!], will make new mold tomorrow.  Busy making another smaller model for the ceramic birdie, once prototype complete can do costing, costing for business plan, business plan & prototype to begin to sell product to businesses for sale.  Woohoo!  Also applied for a grant on Friday, looking for more of those.. Other work bits: been working on another 45 label for Electric Cowbell Records, chicha!, speaking w/ Max Goldfarb about a slipcover for his latest book, & toy prototyping for the top secret client in nyc, & excited about investigating new NOLA design opportunities.  So on this lovely Saturday, I am thrilled to have a new home as a wonderful birthday present, surrounded by my creative supplies & inspired to work! : ] ps- can anyone recommend a turntable repair spot in nola? Photos from top to bottom: 1. studio! with soap and ceramic models : ] + cupcake + lighting fun above + new studio shelves in background, thank you mom!  2. i'm a sucker for spanish moss, at audobon park  3. emily making the initial soap batch for the test soap mold!!  4. penske n me, a little moving weary, & just drove through complete obstacle course through town!  first turn had dumpster on one side & full of cars on right side, snailed through & actually didn't bulldoze anything! then row of buses overflowing into the lane, only knocked the mirror, gas station became packed when time to leave after fillup, & then in last turn to place street filled w/ plywood/lumber couldn't get thru, but we made it & without a scratch : ]  5. cool beehive at the louisiana state museum, the Cabildo, i called it the Bibaldo last night at a BBQ, haha & whoopsela!

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