We reached almost 6K on Kickstarter!!  Thank you, danke schüne, merci beaucoup, mucho gracias!!!!!!! What an amazing 30 days and I greatly appreciate your support BirdProject Backers!!  So looking forward to sending the birdies and other BirdBacking gear out to you!! : ]  Reaching the set goal of $2500 in 5 days was amazing enough and then to more than double it over the next 25 days is completely exciting. [This meant that we raised enough for the initial run's start up costs.] I greatly appreciate your interest, support, and feedback throughout this process.  Truly I am so glad that you find the value in this project and am thrilled to hear from many of you that you now feel that you are a part of it by backing, that makes me very happy.  Thank you for being a part of it!!!

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