A lovely email to wake up to, testimonial from IBRRC

This email goes down as one of my favorite’s of all time to receive. I awoke this morning to a lovely surprise, an email from International Bird Rescue with a testimonial on BirdProject. Here it goes: “The idea for BirdProject is so simple yet resonant, that of darkness washing away to something flawless and beautiful. We see this first hand all the time at International Bird Rescue. Birds that come to us covered in oil and thick tar get a second chance when they’re thoroughly washed and nursed back to health. We are so grateful for our partnership with BirdProject. This is a company that walks the walk, and knows exactly what we mean when we say, “Every Bird Matters.”  – This reminded me of when I volunteered following the BP oil spill disaster, visiting IBRRC’s temporary care stations for oiled birds. They are truly in the trenches doing the really hard stuff. I have so much respect for that and am so glad that we can help support their important work : )

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