Article on Authenticity & Fathers, Padres, Babbos Day soon!

Yesterday, the good folks at GFDA featured my article on creating from a place of authenticity. There's a snippet down below the photo, you can also find the whole thing here!  And, a little reminder Father's Day is coming up, June 15 - if you need a card we have a lovely one for you & also a free shipping on orders over $20 offer  w/ the code 'popsmatter'!  We can ship until Tuesday to arrive in time for your Papi, Vati, or Babbo. If in Detroit, I'm excited to be a speaker at ACD's 'Emergence' Conference June 12-15, here's a sneak peek of my talk. Hope all is well in your world. Summer seems to grabbing hold in New Orleans, soon to be hot, hot, hot! All my best & cheers, Tippy dads you matter   Creating from a place of integrity:

Dig deep—what would you do if you let yourself do anything?

It’s scary to trust yourself, to take risks, and to be honest with yourself, no matter what it is—professionally, creatively, or emotionally. When we do though, the most wonderful things happen. I believe that if you’re scared in some way, it’s likely that you're on the right path and the best things are ahead.Is it hard? Absolutely.As in anything, it takes the trying, doing, and practicing to achieve. When you allow yourself to be you, you will take more risks, create the best work, and discover true gratification. Curiosity, motivation, and enjoyment are unparalleled when being true to yourself.

My 2 cents on creating authentic and genuine work

1. Trust yourself. 2. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t rush, pay attention to the details, try new things over & over & over again, don’t give up, and if something bothers you do not ignore it. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back or buy yourself a beer sometimes for keeping it real.

Create a toolkit for yourself

We have many toolkits and shortcuts given to us in our lives, sometimes it’s easy to forget that you can make your own too. I believe that life comes down to making a lot of decisions. For the tougher ones, I will lay out the core of each route and pick which makes the most sense, seems the most exciting, or is actually feasible at the time. To help in creative projects, I have ingrained these pairs as guides for my final decision making process for concepts: risk|unique + genuine|details + authentic|longevity = good to go. There is beauty in honestly feeling good about what you’re spending your time on and the great thing is, we can all have that beauty.

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