Exciting! Partnering with Gulf Restoration Network and...

Happy weekend!  On Friday, I met with Gulf Restoration Network to discuss a few details about an upcoming partnership for a new version of the birdies. The donations will go directly to oil spill clean up & clean water research! I'm so very excited about working with GRN on this as well as producing this new version, more on that coming soon... in the process of testing a few different options. BirdProject had two great articles posted online yesterday - one in Huffington Post and the other in Hello New Orleans, both by Karen Dalton Beninato - thank you Karen! She found her bird at Nadine Blake in the French Quarter, Nadine started carrying the birdies last week - I love her beautiful shop! The birds are also now at Fair Folks & a Goat, who are in the Marigny and NYC, at the Museum Shop at NOMA, at Perch in San Francisco, and at Spruce - the first retail location. Also in development is MATTER's new product, due to launch in April - will share some of that info soon too : ] This has been a busy month! Returned from the gandhiwarming weekend early Feb. & went straight into helping the Green Team at Tulane build our sculpture of trash 'Get Wasted - with the Wave' which represented how much trash is generated on Tulane's campus per year [3300 tons - 300 tons being recycled]. I've recently started working with the awesome folks at Civic Center, which I'm completely thrilled about, I love working with them and their wonderful projects! Have also entered a couple competitions this month.. fingers crossed! And been making birdies all the while, learning more about the business end of things [profit margins,excel sheets and the like], developing the new project for April mentioned previously, and continually learning how to do things better! : ] All in all - thrilling. My friend Sherrie is visiting Big Sur this month and staying in this - NEST! Maybe I can get a BirdProject retreat in there sometime this summer? : ] shelf of birdies in stock! : ] calendar near my work table to keep the big picture in mind! [ in corner ] a flock of a couple hundred birdies ready to bisque new belt buckle - thank you megan! a prize from gandhiwarming weekend : ] birdies on display at Nadine Blake's! a sweet lil' darlin' came in [think it was emily?] while setting up the display, i always take a pug sighting as good luck, thank you sweetie! BirdProject Dream HQ - any BirdProject benefactors out there? : ] redefining 'bird dog' a new delight! great egrets are nesting at audubon park! on our morning walks have seen them the past two days, beautiful!

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