New version of birdies coming soon..

It's been a busy couple of weeks after the holidays!! I hope you all are getting into the swing of things and that the year is starting off well for you. Yesterday MATTER was included in an article in New Orleans City Business about the new business structure L3C [Limited Low Profit Liability company] where I found out that it is one of eight in Louisiana! Wow! Here is a link to the online version, although if you're not a registered member you can read a pdf version here, click pdf under press on the MATTER website. Other news, I am really excited about a new version of BirdProject soap coming out shortly...more details coming soon! : ] I am still seeking a slipcaster here in Nola to advise me on how to switch to slipcasting for making the ceramic birdies, I've sped up my press mold process a bit, but would be great to get it more streamlined!!  I had hoped a good friend of mine who is a masterslipcaster could come to town to help, but he is obligated until mid-march.. if you have any local contacts, please do drop me a line! And, I have started working with the Tulane Green Team - we have designed a sculpture made of trash and recyclables to promote awareness of waste on Tulane's campus as well as offering solutions for reducing waste. We have an upcoming event [Get Wasted! haha, love the name!] where we install the sculpture [representative of amounts of trash generated on campus] and have contests for green giveaways, WTUL will broadcast, and we will make the WTUL deejay a suit of trash to wear for the day. In the past week I also attended a few workshops on researching investors at Idea Village and went to a great pitch night at LaunchPad, learning more about the numbers. Also, I'm thrilled to have my sweet lil pug with me here now, he's such a great work buddie!! And I'm also totally grateful for the convection toaster oven my mom gave me over the holiday [mine walked the plank in the move]! I'd say it's an entrepreneur's best friend in the fast & easy yumfood prep world - it is awesome - thank you mutti!! Coming up this weekend is gandhiwarmer!!!  This will be the second year and this time it will be in DC, you can find out more on that here. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and I'm going to get back to work now making birds and watching TED talks and documentaries, with maybe a good romcom thrown in, netflix rules : ] building another flock : ] caught tito in action with yarnball in his mouth as a toy : ] toaster oven breakfast pbj & butter, yummmm. t.o. pita pizza - this was a great fridge cleanout: pita bread, leftover soup as sauce [sounds weird maybe, but it was delicious!] couscous, spinach, black beans, and pepper jack cheese & penzey's parisian bonne herbes, yum makes everything taste goood

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