nice write up from TBD + updates

See their lovely newsletter here, Thank you TBD!! Other updates for this week,  Images for backers rewards: postcards, washing cloths, & tote bags can be seen under the updates section, no. 6.  [Had a few rearrangements to make for various reasons I won't go into here.]  Shewee, it's been a busy one, what else has been happening.. have been developing plans for MATTER, w/ my new biz pahdna Alison Radovanovic! Alison is amazing and I must say we've been getting on swimmingly, so glad to be working w/ such an amazing woman! Also looking at setting up some workshops, please keep your fingers crossed! : ] Went for a great meeting and tour of a box factory this wednesday, so impressive! Pratt is 100% recycled and have been doing so for some time now, I actually for once didn't have my camera with me that day.  The factory was so interesting, I love a factory tour!  So the boxes get cut and printed at the same time going thru rollers [cut on half, print on other half of roller] w/ these cool 'taffy machine-esque' floppy rubber rings that catch them and roll them down the way when spit out the other end of the rollers.  I also liked that they collect all of their scraps in the factory as well as paper throughout the community, three thumbs up!  If we can afford them for the first run we will definitely go w/ Pratt, lovely people & a I think a perfect fit for the project. Ok, photos below: 1.Giveaways to students interested in interning w/ MATTER/BirdProject for a community changemakers event I did at Tulane on Monday, thank you Katie!  2. Yummy fridge cleanout! Garlicky black beens, goat cheese, brown rice, tomaters, sautéed spinach, & an over medium egg - platurrtito, it's really like a burrito sans the burr  3. Took the ferry back from the west bank/ embroiderers  4. Pretty tractors on the ferry  5. Chicory powered!  continuing my exploration of all the chicory coffees from the Breaux Mart, will report back, this one is new as of today.

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