If you're in the Northeast, I hope that you're staying warm & I'm glad to hear that reports of Juno aren't as bad as anticipated so far. I don't know about you but I wouldn't mind hunkering down & sledding in solidarity.. but it's not a snow day here so if you can, enjoy it & throw a snowball for me! Online Sample Sale Check out our collection of Misfits! We have a few handfuls of items that are particularly unique & are offering them to you at up to 70% off! All have minor imperfections and include: Birdsoaps, Lovebirds, Dreams Matter journals, & a couple of Totes, check out the full Collection here. IMG_7756 Introducing 'Lovely Red' Warm Hugs, now available. We're excited to introduce a new shade of Warm Hug this year - 'Lovely Red'! They're now available online in both adult & child sizes. Get your order in by Feb.4 at the latest in order to receive by Valentine's, but sooner is better. We look forward to making a cozy red blanket for you & yours! a warm hug red Always love to hear from you. Thank you to all that sent in your feedback, it's great to hear from you & I so appreciate it. You can at any time respond to this email or email me at tippy@matternola.com, I'd love to hear from you. Also, we have a new instagram account, please stay in touch and give us a follow at goodsthatmatter! Please tag us - use #giftsthatmatter in your pics & posts, merci beaucoup! Sending you my best, Tippy

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