Goods that Matter is proud to be a community partner with Tulane's Center for Public Service. This semester we had the honor of working with two students, Sophie Zerbib, a senior in sociology and graphic design, & Rachel Neu, a senior in architecture.

Check out what they worked on this semester, why they were interested in working with Matter, and what they learned below.

Sophie Zerbib

As an intern at Goods that Matter, I had the opportunity to witness how products and design can build awareness and create societal impact.

I became inspired by the growth and amazing impacts that Goods that Matter has had when I constructed an online press kit and press release packet. Throughout the process of creating clothing tags for scarves and throw blankets, I knew the work would be benefitting the victims of a disaster working with Rebuilding Together.

While I was an intern, I was also able to research a new charity that Goods that Matter will soon donate to, which is centered on anti gun violence. I always wondered how philanthropists like Tippy purposefully select where they will contribute to, so having the opportunity to be a part of this process and decision was very intriguing to me.

Observing and taking part in such a wonderful Benefit corporation has really helped me see what I would love to be doing after I graduate university. I am motivated to take all of the practice and knowledge I have gained from interning at Goods that Matter and apply it to help build a more innovative and creative community and society.


Rachel Neu

This semester I have been working on a series of three candles. Proceeds from these candles will be donated to gun violence prevention, national parks protection, and Louisiana flood relief. I assisted in product development, research, and branding of the candles. I started my internship by researching the different candles that are currently on the market and brainstorming ways to create a unique product. I then searched for a recycled glass jar to use as the container for the candle. I have also been involved in designing the label for the candle and creating a cohesive aesthetic such that each candle can be both unique and part of a larger series.

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to use design outside of architecture and to get a glimpse into the world of product design. I have learned a lot about what goes into developing and creating a product. This semester has also provided me with a new outlook on approach to community engagement through design. I have really enjoyed my semester with Goods That Matter, and can’t wait to see the finished candles! 


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