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How I Built This Fellowship + Summit

October 16 was the first How I Built This Summit and I am thrilled to have attended as a HIBT Fellow! HIBT is my FAVORITE podcast, when I saw that...

October 16 was the first How I Built This Summit and I am thrilled to have attended as a HIBT Fellow! HIBT is my FAVORITE podcast, when I saw that they were hosting their first summit and offering a fellowship in order to attend at no cost, I applied immediately.

I'm so glad that I did - my biz was selected as one of 40 fellows from over 500 applicants! I apply for and am rejected for things on the regular, so this was an extra exciting win!!

The summit was held at the Yerba Buena Arts Center in San Francisco and was a one-day event. It was hands down my favorite conference type event of all time. Everyone was so passionate and excited to be there, both the speakers and attendees. Speaking of the speakers, check out this lineup - my faves were Adam Lowry & Eric Ryan of method and Lisa Price of Carol's Daughter.

The full day started at 8.30 am and went through 6ish, it was filled with incredible speakers as well as break out sessions. The choose your own sessions included discussions on design thinking for business, imposter syndrome, investor pitch tips, and marketing strategies for growth.

Some of the common threads throughout the talks were: staying true to your values / mission throughout the highs and lows of entrepreneurship (described as the trough of despair by Joe Gebbia of Airbnb, haha so true!), trusting your gut, following through with your absolute best, at the same time finished is better than perfect, creating meaning in your day-to-day, and the importance of remaining open to constantly learning.

There were also many situations discussed where each entrepreneur turned a big 'NO' into a learning experience which ultimately led to the improvement of the business idea or of a moment in time that could have been a deal breaker. These discussions also highlighted a moment where most would give up, but through these new learnings, they not only continued but improved.

I really appreciated how well we were treated as fellows: we were invited to the opening night ceremony for speakers and premier ticket holders, they reserved seats for us in the front row, and gave us a shout out and had us stand during the opening of the summit - it was all just so nice.

This was actually NPR's first ever event and everything was done so thoughtfully. The lunch was delicious and the gift bags included items made by companies across the U.S. who are featured at the end of each episode.

I left the conference inspired, motivated, and on a real entrepreneurial high, ready to move forward and create new things. If you haven't heard this show yet, definitely give it a listen! It fills me with inspiration and motivation with every show and I'm so excited for each new episode. Some of my faves btw are: Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, Chicken Salad Chick, Chipotle, Lärabar, and Ben & Jerry's - give it a listen.

ALSO! I got to meet Guy Raz! You know when someone seems really nice and awesome and then when you meet them they really are?! He was really genuine and so patient with everyone that wanted to take a selfie with him - all. day. long. See my shit eating grin selfie below, haha.

It was also a joy to visit San Francisco to visit with friends and eat all of the Italian eats in North Beach! Til' the next time SF and biggest thanks to the whole team at How I Built This, it was a delight to meet you and an honor to be a part of this special day, thank you for everything.

Fave quote from the day:
'Driven by creating meaning in our work.' -Adam Lowry, method

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