Community-Based Coastal Climate Credits

Feel confused or sketchy about carbon credits? Us too. That's what inspired us to form a transparent, on the ground partnership with Common Ground Relief to create a community-based coastal carbon credits solution! Wetlands are significant natural carbon sinks and via the funding of wetland grass and tree plantings, you can offset the carbon created in your daily life.

Climate Solutions on the Front Lines

Southeast Louisiana is on the frontlines of both the impacts and solutions to climate change. To address the global climate crisis and reduce the threats of sea level rise and natural disasters, we need to restore our natural environments and our relationships to them. Planting native trees and marsh grasses in our Southeast Louisiana wetlands builds carbon sinks, builds land, and builds relationships that can weather threats to our coast.

Common Ground Relief's Experience

Common Ground Relief has been planting native trees and marsh grasses in Southeast Louisiana for over 15 years, and as an organization founded in response to the destruction of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita they know that the need for restoration is acute and essential for our neighbors, our coast, and our region. Support a home-grown coastal climate solution by funding a carbon sink with us.

Plant one bald cypress tree in S.E. LA wetlands = a 72” DBH tree, sequesters 109,000 kg of CO2 after 50 years

Plant a tree

Restore 25'of Living Shoreline = Marsh restoration of 150-acres → 4,500-9,000 tonnes of carbon (sediment+grasses)

Restore Shoreline

One hour of shoreline monitoring and maintaining trees to ensure their long-term survival

One hour of monitoring

Plant one native, urban tree for stormwater management in a New Orleans neighborhood

Plant an urban tree

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