Ever been frustrated by cleaning out wax from a glass jar, metal tin, or ceramic container once your candle has burned to the bottom? Here's how to easily clean out the remaining candle wax so that you can re-use, recycle, or upcycle the container!

Put your candle in the freezer! Leave it in overnight, or at least long enough for the wax to freeze. Then pop up out the remaining wax with a butter knife, then wash - et voila! You have a glass to drink out of, or a tin to re-use, or with Goods that Matter candles, you can bring in the clean glass jar to our shop for a $2.50 credit!

Step by step instructions with pics below.

Step 1. Place candle in freezer. Leave it in long enough for the wax to become frozen. (I typically leave it in there for several days until I have time to remove the wax and clean the jar, not that it's time consuming, I'm just tired/lazy in the evenings.)

2. When you're ready, remove the wax at the bottom with a butter knife. Push around the edges and most of the time the whole piece will pop out in one disc. If the remaining wax is a little thicker, you can break it up into a few pieces.

3. Discard the wax and wick disc.

4. Remove the label or packaging. Our labels are easy to remove by tearing the side sticker - the sticker goes to the trash and the label to be recycled.

If your candle label is held on by an adhesive, try soaking the label in water then peeling off to remove, and then use rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive from the container. 

5. Wash jar (or other container) with a sponge and dish soap. Et voila! Re-use your container as a drinking glass, pen jar, or... We are now thrilled to offer a $2.50 credit for your clean candle jar at our shop! Credit goes towards your next Goods that Matter candle purchase.

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