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Do Listen, Do Books
Do Listen, Do Books
Do Listen, Do Books
Do Listen, Do Books Do Listen, Do Books

Do Listen, Do Books

$14.95 USD

Do Listen - Understand what's really being said. Find a new way forwardBobette Buster

Why is it that we seem astonished, even grateful, when someone really hears us? 

When they lean in and give us their time and attention. How has this basic act become such a rare commodity? Has the one-way street of social media ‘broadcasting’ really marked the end of conversation and listening?

Do Listen is about rediscovering the lost art of listening. How to form deeper connections, generate moments of wonder, and achieve breakthroughs after a stand-off or stalemate.

Yes, listening can take time. And it can be uncomfortable. Yet it is a skill that can be cultivated and mastered. It can also be a strategy. And sometimes, it will be the most important thing you ever do.

What if we each took five minutes a day to actively listen?

How might our world change?

This UK edition includes a free ebook download. 
If you're a customer in North America, click here for the Chronicle Books edition.

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  • New title from bestselling author of Do Story
  • Shares skills honed over two decades of listening to and crafting people's stories
  • Each chapter concludes with practical exercises
  • Original papercut artworks of related quotes including JK Rowling and Ernest Hemingway